japonisme: patience & history

12 August 2006

patience & history

i once went around the world, a week in japan, a week in paris, and a week in new york. from nyc i took the train down to rutgers where there is an institute for the study of japonisme, and where they have an incredible selection from their collection on display.

the main reason i did this was because i wanted to see, well, see intuitively, the evolution of japanese into japonisme. and i did.

the first morning i woke up in paris after having spent a week in tokyo and kyoto, i took one look off my balcony, overlooking the river, out over the city, and i got it. one part this and one part that equals.....

over time i hope to use this blog to talk about the history of this period, to feature many of the hundreds of books i've amassed on the subject, and some new ones, to look at specific examples of just what the influences of the japanese on the west were, and, perhaps, to explore how it was that the buddha started impressionism.
(added april 14, 2008: didn't work! went back!)

(added april 8, 2008: the blog looks different from how it has looked for the last year and a half. the reason for this is that since i like to do these strange things with type following images et al, i am sometimes editing for an hour or so after posting because the post on the blog was much narrower than the blogging compose window or the preview.

i finally decided that the only way to make up for this was to try to get the post to match. first, i made it as wide as the compose window but that threw off the old posts so much it was just ridiculous. so then i made it the width of the preview window, but i still couldn't get it perfect. then i realized that the font in the compose and preview is different from the one in the post. it's wider. i didn't want to change the font in the posts, so i guess next i'll see if i can change these others.

yes, it distorts some of the old posts, but not that badly, i don't think -- do you? i'd love to know your thoughts -- comments, critique, suggestions. thanks! and also this way i'll be able to make the images bigger, i think.)

added 7/5/10 whether or not you noticed, the fix didn't hold.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I awoke to a misty grey morning and thought 'beauty is gone forever'; and I skeeterd through blogspots as though anonymous souls committed their dying thoughts on black and white. until i discovered Japonisme!
Thanks for evoking in me those days of floating life. Japan then was a state of mind and less was more. Ah pure state of being!

08 October, 2006 23:52  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you benny--that was lovely.

>>Japan then was a state of mind


09 October, 2006 12:12  
Blogger Gwen Arthur said...

Hello Lotusgreen, I too am a fan of Japonisme but not on your scale. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the wonderful resources you have amassed on your blog. The images are stunning.....and can you enlighten us as to the artists and titles of two of them: the Swim poster and the adorable little child standing on the rocks surrounded by fish and surf? Best, Gwen

14 September, 2007 06:45  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

hi gwen--

on those images, as on almost all of the ones where i can find the name, have it on the image itself.

you can see it by clicking on the image and then looking at the top of the window and the name will be right there. and plus you'll usually see a bigger image.

you can also just run your mouse over the image, and look at the label of the jpeg on the bottom of the frame.

thanks again, and welcome!

14 September, 2007 22:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By reading here I've learned a little more about japonisme itself, which was making me curious. You conveyed your epiphany, if that's the word, on the balcony in Paris, quite well, I thought. So I'm startin' to get it, too, maybe, a bit.
But I first stopped here because of that photo of the crossed grass blades; I'm impressed by that. Love all the green, the Golden Mean blade crossing, and the one edge toward us-it's like samurai swords; and the drops of water-very sensitive work.

Did I say impressed? :-)
I like this blog.

09 January, 2008 21:39  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks, decker.

by the way, in the first few months after i started this blog i spelled out a lot of specifics about what some of the things are that compose what is called japonisme which, once you see them, you always see them.

i kind of tired of doing that and also assumed y'all got tired of my lecturing

11 January, 2008 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will find that early stuff! I only mention it because I'm new to the whole thing, really. I mean, I knew of Van Gogh's fascination with Japanese prints, but that type of interest taking on a life of it's own, so to speak, I hadn't heard of before.

It's very beautiful, so I'll be back.

Thank you, Lotus. :-)

11 January, 2008 15:43  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks, decker. you might notice by some of the comments that you're by far not the only one to have that reaction!

11 January, 2008 18:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such beautiful images, and such well-informed comments. It's amazing to see the connections between the Japonisme and the original Japanese art... I never studied Japonisme much; am not particularly familiar with it, but looking at the images the way you've grouped them, it's so obvious, and beautiful.

I love that you did that Japan-->Paris trip, and write that when you woke up in Paris and looked out the window it all made sense; maybe someday I should do the same. I was hoping to see Kabuki at the Paris Opera House a few years back, as an excuse or opportunity to see Paris, but it was totally sold out, and for one reason or another I never did make it to France at all my whole year in London.

Anyway, it's amazing to see a blog so well-informed on such a topic, and so devoted to that single topic. I jump around like crazy... Thanks for reading, and for commenting.

03 March, 2009 03:44  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

hey--thanks for stopping by. re: sticking to one topic... i think they call that 'obsession.' but also, see, i am learning as i go, and every time i solve a question i'm led into the next question. there is, apparently, always deeper.

03 March, 2009 06:49  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

p.s. one never needs an excuse to go to paris

03 March, 2009 07:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Can you tell me the artist and name of the woodblock print of a bird in the top left corner? It is a black and white bird on a pine branch, the picture is dark blue green at the top and 3/4s pale grey down to the bottom. I would like to buy a copy or reproduction.
Thank you,

18 March, 2009 01:39  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

hi ellyn-- if you mean the one here, it's by allen w. seaby.

18 March, 2009 13:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the first page very much for the images. I was disappointed by the japanese dolls page as much of it there struck me as being Chinese. I came here through the textile blog; I am a fan of Edwardian and Meiji art. You may like the Kagedo museum if you don't already know of it. I admit I haven't been through a lot of your wonderful site yet but I plan to see much more of it. I can't resist Hasui, Hassam, so many other artists I love here. I will see your Akhmatova for sure, as there are so many translations of her work both wonderful and annoying. Thank you for all this!

25 March, 2009 00:49  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

hi casey--thanks for stopping by! and thanks too for the kagedo reminder; i'd visited before but not for a really long time and there's a bunch of new stuff!

i'm glad you found this blog, and that you find a lot to like here.

26 March, 2009 18:28  
Blogger leighkidd said...

Oh my! - I did stumbleupon your site last night as I was headed to bed - and had all I could do to give it up. I knew nothing of Japonisme. My love for Paris and Japan created a feeling of deja vu. I haven't even begun to cover the text here. I know you have given me a wonderful introduction. Also a new understanding of why Monet had those Japanese works on his walls at Giverny. I very much look forward to visiting you often.

19 May, 2009 05:23  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i find your comments so exciting, leighkidd -- thanks! please feel very welcomed.

19 May, 2009 15:58  
Blogger leighkidd said...

http://artsalesindex.artinfo.com/artsalesindex/asi/lots/7712420 is Gustave Baumann - morning sun. I had the feeling of meeting someone from my past when I came upon the woodcuts on your site. I looked up and there it was on my wall. I bought it at a garage sale - and was told it may have some value. There may be another scene that is still not unpacked. I am speechless.....

19 May, 2009 21:30  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

that must have been such a rush! and you must have a great eye to notice his beauty without knowing his name. that is very cool.

20 May, 2009 08:54  
Anonymous Emma Howard said...

Your images inspire me to simplify to focus on beauty.

23 August, 2010 12:04  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, emma. i believe it does have that effect.

23 August, 2010 13:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just overcome. You have everything I love on this site. I am here forever. Thank you for all this hard work so that we can sit back and drink in this incredible, incredible collection!

14 February, 2011 23:12  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

you are welcome forever. thank you for bringing out the sun! really!

15 February, 2011 12:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is so nice!!
I am Japanese but I didn't know so many thing.
I learned from your blog.
Can I introduce your blog in my blog?

09 June, 2011 15:13  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, anonymous. what is your blog?

09 June, 2011 16:15  
Anonymous Lorraine Sumners said...

Hi there :)
Like so many others before me I am simply AMAZED at your blog and collection of exquisite images! I found you completely by chance and accident and am SO very glad that I did!
Thankyou for your astounding gathering of imagery ~ all of which I LOVE...
The beauty and mystery of these and similar images have had such a strong influence on my artworks over the years.
I am soon starting my own blog and would love to include a link to yours so that others can enjoy your work as much as I do!
Brightest Blessings to you and I look forward to enjoying more...
L x

28 June, 2011 16:37  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

that's wonderful, lorraine. glad to be of help. thanks so much for your kind words.

28 June, 2011 19:57  
Blogger Unknown said...

Japonisme in NJ? I will have to go and check it out and report back! :)

03 July, 2012 21:38  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

hey kathlyn-- thanks kathlyn--i've been very curious!

04 July, 2012 07:20  

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