japonisme: again with the peacocks

29 September 2006

again with the peacocks

well, i don't wish to call any- one a liar, but per- haps Iida Takashimaya, who embroidered a peacock on a silk kimono meant for export, despite the fact that there were no peacocks in japan, could explain this image.

this and the rest of the amazing book are available
here in the new york public library's amazing database of images. it's from a book called 'the keramic art of japan' by audlsey and bower; published in 1875, this is taken from a woodcut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dutch brough Japan things like peacocks and giraphs, as a part of their trading agreements. there are great prints on the subject.

17 January, 2009 15:09  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh that's fascinating -- thank you!

did you happen to see the whole series i recently did here about the dutch and the japanese?

17 January, 2009 16:16  

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