japonisme: separated at birth?

19 October 2006

separated at birth?

one thing that continues to strike me is how similar the silhouettes of women's clothing during the fin-de-siecle period to the japanese silhouettes of that and previous eras.

if you sort of squint or see them in just thumbnails, it's really hard to tell just which you're seeing, other than, perhaps, the use of pattern on the japanese fabrics.

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Blogger Dominic Bugatto said...

Some really wonderful pieces here.

Some very astute observations too.

19 October, 2006 15:34  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks, dom! that's mighty kind of you! it's good to get feedback.

19 October, 2006 15:44  
Blogger Florence Forrest said...

it incredible to see them side by side like that. It shows one just how big the impact of Japanese art was.

great work your doing.


20 October, 2006 01:59  
Blogger Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog today and find it fascinating. I'm a William Morris admirer and have a collection of Japanese fabrics for making quilts; today you've helped me see the connection! Bravo!

20 October, 2006 06:58  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks florence--it's nice to see you. i keep finding things that surprise me, and i've been into this stuff for decades.

nancy--thanks. that's a terrific connection to have made. i want to look into it further.


20 October, 2006 10:30  

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