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29 December 2006

robert doisneau

thanks to nathako at cosmopolitan stories. i always feel slightly tipsy when i try to read a french site, even with a translator. so i can't tell for sure if this is from a film, or from the period (the quality of the photograph, and her make-up, don't look like they're as old as the painting).

nevertheless, it's an interesting glimpse, this photo, into some of the effect this 'nouveau' movement might have been having on the not-so-nouveau people.

(Exposition de ses photos parisiennes à l'Hotel de ville, jusqu'au 17 février 2007 (salle St-Jean / rue Lobeau / tous les jours sauf dimanches et fêtes de 10h à 19h) : un grand plongeon dans le Paris des années 50-70, vu par Doisneau.)


Blogger Nathako said...

It's a photography of Robert Doisneau, it's not from a film.
He took it in the seventies.

I like it very much :-)
Robert Doisneau took many pictures of Paris, in black and white, in the 50/60/70ties. I like his look(regard), "sociological with tenderness"!!

29 December, 2006 14:05  
Blogger Nathako said...

Oups, sorry! I made a mistake...

He took this photo in 1948 :-)

29 December, 2006 14:10  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks for the clarification, nathako!

31 December, 2006 17:49  
Blogger David Apatoff said...

Whenever the picture was taken, the story it conveys is timeless!

05 January, 2007 22:18  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

excellent point, david. it's really magic in that way.

06 January, 2007 14:28  

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