japonisme: flowers from our shores

13 January 2007

flowers from our shores

it occurred to me this evening that though many of my favorites from this era are women, i show you the work of more men than women.

well... there are a lot more to choose from, in the west, and in the east there are only men to choose from. but i want to remedy that a bit tonight. i've mentions some of these women before, but here's a little context.

Edna Boies Hopkins studied under Dow at the Pratt Institute in 1899 and 1900, learning block printing and Dow's principles of composition. She then taught design at the Veltin School for Girls in New York City.

Hopkins taught the wood-block technique to Ethel Mars (1876-1956), a friend from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in Ohio, who moved to New York in 1900.

Mars in turn taught Maud Squire (1873-1955), also an art student from Cincinnati living in New York. By 1906 each of the three women had settled in Paris, and together they formed the nucleus of a group of American print makers.

In 1910 they were joined by Margaret Jordan Patterson, who had studied at Pratt in 1895, and although she had not enrolled in Dow's classes, she credited him as her teacher.

Patterson, who was also a textile designer, learned the wood-block technique from Mars.1

Magazine Antiques, Sept, 1996 by Lindsay Leard

(margaret jordan patterson, mjp, edna boies hopkins, ebh, ethel mars, maud squire, mjp, mjp.)

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Blogger janejohn said...


I don't know of anyone else who has printed out web posters either. I would have been around 60 when I printed them too.


You do seem at peace with yourself. I know that I have never been in such a good space now that my life is my own.

My first Chagall print is a not very attractive poster "Artist as Phoenix" I got from a flea market vendor, but I put it up anyway and then I saw his dream prints.

Those I printed out. Isn't the Web marvelous? You can visit any museum or gallery from home.

I think that the Group of Seven here must have studied Patterson's trees.

The southwest landscape is interesting too. I have several s/w fabric prints that I am going to use when inspiration strikes again.

You are five hours ahead of me here, so I will say goodnight and am off to sleep.


11 May, 2010 21:23  

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