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03 January 2009

estampes japonaises

online here

i made a comment in the comments about the color in the bnf online gallery of this, so i'm posting these to compare. the one on the right is the bnf and the one below is the best of the mfa's three.

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Blogger PIGNOUF said...

Très grande et belle exposition !
A bientôt Lotusgreen

03 January, 2009 11:54  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

merci pour ton comment, pignouf. also thank you for helping me to see that i had the wrong link on the online here link. i fixed it so it's now goes to the top of the expo.

avez vous le voir in person?

03 January, 2009 12:53  
Blogger PIGNOUF said...

Oui, je pense pouvoir y aller en début Fevrier. Je vous raconterais ma visite avec joie !
A bientôt...:)

03 January, 2009 13:12  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

ah! cela me fair tres heureaux! merci!

i am curious about the color. the gorgeous online images i'm sure have been photoshopped. blues just don't stay that blue. though admittedly, if anyone knows how to keep images from fading i'm sure it would be them.

so if you think of it, i would appreciate knowing if you see that same rich color in the expo -- thank you!

03 January, 2009 13:33  
Blogger las palabras mágicas said...

Hello! Happy New Year!! It's wonderful to have access to the BNF site and be able to see most of the images of the exhibition online. Thanks for posting this! I think I'll write about it and link to your blog!

04 January, 2009 03:31  
Blogger John Hopper said...

One of the problems with online images, as with book publishing, is trying to find the correct colour image.

It can be disappointing sometimes seeing a piece in real life only to discover that it is practically unrecognisable from all the published versions.

Photoshop overuse can produce all sorts of problems with colour reproduction, but probably a bigger issue is cropping and over cropping. When are we seeing the whole piece and when is it a partial representation?

However, I intend to be buried with my copy of Adobe Photoshop as it has been a faithful friend for a number of years and probably will be in the future.

I have no idea if it will be much good in the afterlife though!

05 January, 2009 04:57  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

john! you are so funny!

hmmmm, those wings -- the whites could be a shade or two brighter-- let me see what i can do....

but seriously, i agree. while i also use photoshop literally, my goal is always to attempt to "restore" rather than "edit."

i know from dealing now with hundreds of japanese prints here, that that blue is what you get automatically with 'auto levels.' to me it looks inauthentic.

but most of their images i think probably benefitted from a little brush up; surely these were not pale and yellowed images from the get go.

05 January, 2009 07:39  
Blogger John Hopper said...

That throws up another dilemma, do you show the image as it would have appeared when new or do you show it with its history intact, including faded colours and ripped edges?

06 January, 2009 14:55  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

that's a really really really really good question. i often wonder if there's a "right way," that you learn in museum school.

on my blog, i guess beauty is my choice. if i think it will reveal its beauty (as opposed to trying to reveal mine), i'll see what i can do.

just like when i used to edit fiction and poetry: i would deal with anything i felt got in the way, where the writer's vision seemed to blur for a moment. my job was to focus the writer's work, not to make it like mine.

what do you think, john?

06 January, 2009 16:04  
Blogger John Hopper said...

To be honest the pictures are a representation of an artists or designers work or a point or idea that you are trying to convey and if the pictures are non-descript, confusing or indistinct, your blog will suffer.

In a way, you have a duty to portray the work of another as well as you can. That does not neccessarily mean 'warts and all'. You should be able to use your own judgement on how much of a Photoshop session a picture needs.

Most bloggers don't have the time to write a disertation every day so the pictures have to pad out a couple of paragraphs of text. Not fair on the subject matter I know, but perhaps it's better than nothing at all.

The internet is not really a text based medium, even though it is awash with words. It's all about eye candy, decent pictures equals decent blog, well, on average it works that way.

08 January, 2009 05:00  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i couldn't agree more. whether you call it eye candy, or honoring the artist, or honoring the blogiverse, the time is worth it.

08 January, 2009 18:18  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i seem to have missed ever so many comments right around new years -- and i didn't even drink anything!

happy new year!, las palabras mágicas

13 January, 2009 21:12  

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