japonisme: perhaps i'll cry

29 April 2012

perhaps i'll cry

there is one reason why i have not torn out my hair nor moved to wordpress (nor have i posted, though): a couple of years back, google decided that any user like me who was still using the old format could just forget accurate links to older posts if they were foolhardy enough to not want to update.

like now, there was a huge uproar which went on and on. if i recall correctly, even when a googmanager did post it was not very friendly. but we perservered in our protest.

finally, someone wrote some little fix that we oldies could tack onto our templates and make it work for older posts. why they didn't do it sooner i do not know.

but this is the only reason i am slightly optimistic even after all the heedless bullshit: they have made right, at least once, in the past.

meanwhile, while this GUI is still available, i might as well use it; the making of this blog seems to have been encoded in my cells after all these years; it organizes how i think.

meanwhile, check out this endlessly marvelous (new?) site featuring wondrous sheet music cover art. but only go when you have a lot of time to spare.

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Blogger Gerrie said...

I was among the first mourners paying my respect but let me now be the first to welcome the resurrection of the Mother of all aesthetic Blogs.

29 April, 2012 23:05  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks gerrie. i honestly worried that y'all might think i had been disingenuous in my rant if i posted so soon, but once it became clear that this GUI was still usable, at least for the moment, and that my need to create the blog was still stronger than my revulsion, i realized i HAD to keep doing it as long as i could.

30 April, 2012 11:08  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

& PS there are quite a few of us clambering at the google-forums site for this GUI to be retained at least as an option (though a petition i started on the subject was disappeared almost immediately.

30 April, 2012 11:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a relief....big sigh. I passed kidney stones today- to find you're still here - I feel so much better.

I'm impressed you have survived your trials with the G-men.

This is a living thing because you are so present.

If I am the anon that is not anon D that you replied to last week - I am pleased the message got through to you and thoroughly touched by your response.

So I will start slow - I don't know how to interface except as Anon - the only option would be a Google Account and I refuse to become more enmeshed with Big Brother than I already am.

Keep on doing what you do do so well. Anon-kid.

30 April, 2012 22:56  
Anonymous evan said...

It seems a universal trait on the "Net- constant "improvements" & updates- in some cases they're benign, in other cases they just tip the interface on it's ear & "user friendly" becomes a thing of the past.

I love programs that claim to be intuitive- though after 45 minutes of ever increasing frustration I find my self wondering- intuitive for whom?

Glad you've decided to stick around (I have ship analogies floating around in my head).
The sheet music link looks promising.

02 May, 2012 06:36  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks again anon-k :^)

and you too non-anon evan

04 May, 2012 12:01  

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