japonisme: now we are six

21 September 2012

now we are six

When I was one,
I had just begun.
When I was two,
I was nearly new.
When I was three,
I was hardly me.
When I was four,
I was not much more.
When I was five,
I was just alive.
But now I am six,
I'm as clever as clever.
So I think I'll be six
now and forever.

a a milne

and yes... it looks like this blog will be six forever and ever;
i can't function like this.

May the Autumnal Equinox bring Blessings to Your Days.

the tags below are meaningless.
the above images are glass by louis comfort tiffany,
 and a print by hiroshi yoshida.

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Anonymous Evan said...

It would appear Blogger is doing its very best to put itself out of business. I've lost 3 of my other favorite blogs (great sources of kids illustrations) because the bloggers were so frustrated with the new "streamlined" format. Yet another example of fixing something until it becomes unusable. Stupid stupid stupid.

28 September, 2012 10:10  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

I find myself wondering what the real reason is. I don't believe the actual situation has anything to do with the message being put out. It has to do with, in some way, making money.

28 September, 2012 12:10  
Blogger Diane Dehler said...

This is charming. My little Will is turning six. Hope you enjoy the Autumn. <3

11 October, 2012 20:25  
Blogger Nancy Ewart said...

I thought we had lost you; this blog seemed to disappear for a while. I'm glad to see you back and hope that you can work out whatever problems you had with the new interface.

11 December, 2012 20:53  

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