japonisme: tracing fascination

02 September 2006

tracing fascination

for as long as i can remember, the print, rather than the painting, has fascinated me; i've thought of it as poetry rather than prose. prints have a translucent quality: they're filled with light.

keika hasegawa (active c. 1893-1905)
Chrysanthemum 17
from 'one hundred chrysanthemums, 1893



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a long time I have realized that prints are to painting as poetry is to other writing. The limitations of printmaking and writing poetry distill the work and leave the essential.
I was so pleased to see this first post - as usual it is beautiful.

02 September, 2008 13:35  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you so much, dorothy. i think you're the first person i've ever talked to who had the very same perception, so it feels especially nice to share it.

02 September, 2008 14:30  

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