japonisme: jules auguste habert-dys

01 October 2006

jules auguste habert-dys

jules auguste habert-dys's japonisme, for reasons i don't understand, appeals to me in some deeply personal way. it feels quintessential, a superb distilling of french and japanese. i can find very little about him other than that he was just one of many artists who came out with a collection of designs at the turn of the last century, and that he studied with felix bracquemond, and illustrated for one of the many "art and decor" magazines popular at the time.

perhaps it's because his favorite subjects seem to be birds, cats, and fish. i don't know the reason. still, when i look at his work i feel i should cry.

(the two images are 'vol d'oiseaux' by habert-dys on the left, and 'swallows' by ohara kosan on the right)

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