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31 March 2007

where we're joined

The architectural forms found in Japan are essentially pure structure.

Posts and beams supporting the roof and protecting and sheltering the occupants of the house are meticulously joined and finished without molding or applied trims.

Most structural components of the house are also the finish elements as well, so precise joinery and great care in assembly are necessary. 1

Scholars have long identified a Japanese influence on the American architect Frank Lloyd

Wright, even though he is well known for his insistence that his architecture and design were completely his own, without precedent.

Yet exam- ples of Japan- ese art and archi- tecture were so widespread in the United States by the time Wright began work in 1886 that it is very difficult to imagine how they could not have affected him.

Furthermore, he himself was a brilliant and prominent collector of Japanese art, especially prints.

After visiting Japan for the first time in early 1905, he wrote with knowledge and insight about Japanese art for the catalogue of an exhibition of his prints by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) held at the Art Institute of Chicago the following year, and in The Japanese Print: An Interpretation in 1912, a treatise on Oriental color theories, compositions, and symbolism that is central to his theory of ornament.

In both The Japanese Print and in an article o f 1908 entitled "In the Cause of Architecture," he described the relationship of Japanese art to his "organic" design, explaining that for the Japanese, design was a spiritual endeavor, the highest form of achievement, and the mother of all the arts and crafts.2

Timber Farmers Guild Conference: Experts on Japanese architecture will describe how it influenced architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene and Greene.3 (too bad it's 6 years ago--but there're some great photos.)

in either of these posts, can you tell who did what?
(long essay on japonisme in architecture, in french)

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Blogger harlequinpan said...

When it comes to cultural communication,it's difficult to judge who is the important figure,one and only!

The impact of other culture may bring them accomplishment,
otherwise maybe a disaster.

Absorbed a reference with pilot study in detail and merge with their native characteristics
.... may create a new culture or sub-culture. .....mammamia1 it's a long way to go!

i am very very surprised how could you post such amazing text DAILY!!!
yes!DAILY!!! Wow!!

02 April, 2007 08:11  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

you are too kind! i'm just having fun!

but your comment is a valid one--i hadn't thought of it that way... but i do think such strong and obvious sources should be acknowledged.

03 April, 2007 20:46  
Blogger Dominic Bugatto said...

Ah , my dream house ;)

Another wonderfully informative post. Thanks.

04 April, 2007 10:30  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh, you can give me one of those greene & greenes any day ;^)

08 April, 2007 13:28  
Blogger Princess Haiku said...

Your prolific blogging is amazing and the quality of content, consistently superior.

22 April, 2007 21:11  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

that is great to hear--thank you.

22 April, 2007 21:56  

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