japonisme: espagne

21 May 2007


from "Sunstone" by Octavio Paz
translated by Eliot Weinberger

your skirt of corn ripples
and sings,
your skirt of crystal,
your skirt of water,
your lips, your hair,
your glances rain
all through the night,
and all day long
you open my chest with your fingers of water,
you close my eyes with your mouth of water,
you rain on my bones,
a tree of liquid
sending roots of water
into my chest 1

what is fascinating to me is how authentic japanese- styled work originating everywhere in the world can appear. these are all from 'nuevo mundo,' a magazine from spain that was published during the first decades of the twentieth century. i have not been able to learn a lot about this periodical, but i believe it was a journal of art and literature, poetry, etc.

even more disappointing to me is the fact that the artists (visible, when available, by clicking on the image) don't seem to be online yet either.

and it certainly was not, as we continue to see, a french/ american/ british phenomenon, but genuinely world-wide. isn't that stupendous? (and doesn't that next to last one look like raoul dufy?)

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