japonisme: poppy day

05 September 2007

poppy day


I’ve watched the Seasons passing slow,
so slow,
In the fields between La Bassée and Bethune;
Primroses and the first warm day of Spring,
Red poppy floods of June,
August, and yellowing Autumn, so
To Winter nights knee-deep in mud or snow,
And you’ve been everything.

Dear, you’ve been everything that I most lack
In these soul-deadening trenches— pictures, books,
Music, the quiet of an English wood,

Beautiful comrade-looks,
The narrow, bouldered mountain-track,
The broad, full-bosomed ocean, green and black,
And Peace, and all that’s good.

Robert Graves

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Blogger harlequinpan said...

Lovely images,i love the original manuscript of Theophile Alexandre Steinlen.

11 September, 2007 05:29  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks, hp -- isn't that a lovely drawing? so glad to see you around.

11 September, 2007 22:09  
Blogger hopeyt said...

Your collection of images is amazing! I am interested in this overlap, too, of cultures.

24 August, 2008 18:40  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, hopeyt. it's endlessly fascinating, isn't it?

24 August, 2008 22:26  

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