japonisme: here i stand hat in hand....

24 April 2008

here i stand hat in hand....

you might notice a difference between the posters on the right and the posters on the left. these are three of the very few examples of the wonderful german posters from its historical museum for which i could find whole (though somewhat 'edited') versions. these versions are not to be found for the vast majority of them.

there is, however, a cd available with over 1000 images from the collection. it's listed on amazon.de. there are even copies that sell for half-price: 15 euros vs. 30.

only trouble is, i haven't been able to find anyone who is willing to sell to someone in the US.

so i come ask- ing for a favor: is there anyone in europe who can buy one of these and mail it to me? i can reimburse you immediately through paypal, or however else we can work it out.



Blogger Princess Haiku said...


You might already have this link but if you don't you will like it.

Very much

Leaving twilight blossoms behind

26 April, 2008 22:55  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks princess--yes--i love that site! that's where i realized that kuniyoshi was hip to shadows and reflections decades before his peers.

27 April, 2008 12:32  
Blogger Princess Haiku said...

I found it quite by accident; nice surprise.

BTW Did you know that the Asian Art Museum is starting a family free Sunday thing next week. I am assuming it's free admission for all. They will have a special performing arts program for kinder folk going on. I haven't been in several months...

27 April, 2008 22:25  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i've never been there!

27 April, 2008 22:48  

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