japonisme: take three

26 August 2008

take three

okay--here's my latest theory: in her perhaps-too-clever-for-her-own-good attempt to create her own 'chop,' as was the thing-to-do at that time, she reversed her E, thus creating what looked more like a B than a creative reuse of her own initials.

the font i used was a demo of a jessie m king font from scriptorium. jessie m king was also part of the glasgow scene at the same time, and in fact the two women did projects together.

I can hear it now:

Ethel Larcombe: Hey! check out this cool new chop I made!

Jessie M. King: Good try, Elly, but it looks too much like a B!

EL: Oh Jess, you're always such a buzz-kill.

JMK: You just wait -- a hundred years from now, nobody will know who did your most famous drawing!

EL: Now you're saying I've already peaked??!



Blogger Sans Pantaloons said...

Hello lotusgreen, I think the 'B' may be Fred H. Ball of Elmley House, Worcester, who submitted his entries to the Studio competitions as 'Pan'.
The 'B' is in a box that is formed by the 'F' and 'H' overlaid upon each other. The copies of the drawings I have by Fred, are very similar to the Studio cover, but I have yet to find any bearing a similar monogram. It's possible that they simply are not of sufficiently high-resolution to discern any monogram.
I'll keep on looking for proof...

28 January, 2012 20:19  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

ah -- okay -- we were overlapping and underlapping a bit there!

29 January, 2012 19:53  

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