japonisme: dow and the light

03 February 2009

dow and the light

i found myself wanting to know a little more about dow as a person.
i hadn't been able to find a student discussing him as an instructor, but
i found a letter he wrote to his younger brother. it completely surprised me, but it also added understanding to something i was perhaps experiencing in his work.

For Dana only--

I am so glad that you have come out so strongly for the Lord -- i remember you in my prayers every day. Don't take example from anybody but but just look to the One who is perfect. We are all sinners and do not live up to our profession -- that is my trouble and my greatest grief.

If I could see you and talk with you i could tell you many things. Now in the very beginning of your Christian life try to look at all things fairly and calmly. Make up your own mind firmly and stick to it -- at the same time do not be prejudiced against other religions and beliefs. If someone had only told me this I should have been saved much trouble. As you grow older you will find that there are points of good in all beliefs, so look with charity upon all and get all the good you can, even from an infidel if he says what is true.

I am convinced that prayer is the golden chain let down from heaven -- pray night and morning and you will be safe. If one neglects to pray, other influences will get a hold upon him. Now if I can tell you anything just write me and I shall be delighted to help you all I can. My own life has been so imperfect that I shrink from advising anybody, yet I have had some experience which might help you. Write me on any point that troubles you.

I think Reverend Waters is the best advisor for a young man -- he is so fair-minded and sensible in his ideas-- if you do as he advises you will be sure to come out right. Just talk freely with him and make a confidant of him.

I should be glad to know more about your Christian life and that of the other boys, so write me all you can. Commit your way unto the Lord and all will be right. He knows best.





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