japonisme: glass menagerie

16 April 2009

glass menagerie

LAURA: Little articles of [glass], they’re ornaments mostly! Most of them are little animals made out of glass, the tiniest little animals in the world. Mother calls them a glass menagerie! Here’s an example of one, if you’d like to see it! . . . Oh, be careful—if you breathe, it breaks! . . . You see how the light shines through him?

JIM: It sure does shine!
LAURA: I shouldn’t be partial, but he is my favorite one.
JIM: What kind of a thing is this one supposed to be?
LAURA: Haven’t you noticed the single horn on his forehead?

JIM: A unicorn, huh? —aren’t they extinct in the modern world?

LAURA: I know!
JIM: Poor little fellow, he must feel sort of lonesome.

(TOM) I descended the steps of this fire escape for a last time and followed, from then on, in my father’s footsteps, attempting to find in motion what was lost in space. . . . I would have stopped, but I was pursued by something. . . .

I pass the lighted window of a shop where perfume is sold. The window is filled with pieces of colored glass, tiny transparent bottles in delicate colors, like bits of a shattered rainbow. Then all at once my sister touches my shoulder. I turn around and look into her eyes. Oh, Laura, Laura, I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful
than I intended to be!

Tennessee Williams

this wondrous art is attributed to almeric walter, and only occasionally henri berge, the designer, as well. it's very interesting to me. as in the case of tiffany, many of the designs did not originate with the artist whose name appears on the work. what make the artist, in these cases, is what they learned how to do with glass (pate-de-verre, in this case). for both, the process was arduous. tiffany sued over his. walter was more open source, under contract with galle of nancy. the colors he managed astonish me.

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Blogger John hopper said...

Not seen these before. The graduated colour from the animal is interesting and very effective. It looks like a very difficult process. Wonderful pieces.

16 April, 2009 15:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely the "I descended the staircase" speech is by Laura's brother Tom, not the "gentleman caller" Jim.

16 April, 2009 16:15  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

yes, john-- the color just enthralls me. and blogger steals a bit of color, so google him.

and apparently it was the color that was the hard part (the new part) to work in.

16 April, 2009 16:38  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh dear yes, anon. thank you. corrected.

16 April, 2009 16:38  
Blogger John hopper said...

You're right, the google images are stunning!

17 April, 2009 13:43  
Blogger belvedere beads said...

i have never seen any of these before. spectacular. thankyou.

20 April, 2009 18:32  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh lucinda--i'm so glad you like them.

there is just so much extraordinary glass that came out of the nancy region. my main book on it is in french so i can't really read it, but i have a number of other glass books and some on galle (including 2 in japanese!) so i probably should be able to figure out how that happened.

i've been looking towards posts on obscurity. there are just so very many artists in every medium that i come across that just aren't known at all and it reflects not a bit on their talent.

like everything else, without marketing you may as well be invisible.

20 April, 2009 18:46  
Blogger Yoli said...

I am so glad I found you in blogland. What an interesting and beautiful blog you have here!

22 April, 2009 09:58  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i am so glad you found me too, yoli. thank you, and coming from another fan of angela carter, i take that as a real compliment.

22 April, 2009 10:39  

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