japonisme: the panama-pacific, that is! • part 1

20 September 2009

the panama-pacific, that is! • part 1

ever since i read these words, i really wanted to know who won what for what: "The Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915 included more than two thousand prints representing the history of American print making. There was one gallery each for prints by James McNeill Whistler and his follower Joseph Pennell, and
four galleries for modern prints, one of which was devoted
to color prints.

A jury that included Frank Duveneck and Pennell, both of whom had contributed to the revival of etching in America, awarded ten medals, eight of them to wood-block artists. Gustave Baumann won the gold medal; Edna Boies Hopkins, Bertha Lum, and B. J. O. Nordfeldt each received a silver medal; Elizabeth Colwell, Dow, and Helen Hyde won bronze medals; and honorable mention went to Pedro Joseph de Lemos and Margaret Jordan Patterson." 1

these are all my favorites -- all in one place! so i decided maybe we should go to the fair and find out!


well, okay -- we didn't exactly see any of those artists there (you did click the link, didn't you?), though of course we did see bernard maybeck's palace of fine arts. okay, we will, we will. but how about we get a lay of the land first.

the fair was built on the marshes of the north- west edge of san fran- cisco, where only a few years earlier residents squatted in tents after many homes were destroyed in the 1906 quake.

here's practically the same view, after the fair was built.

and here it is now.

looking in the other direction, we see the fair....

and the same area now. remember, it used to be marshland.

next up, we'll see some astonishingly gorgeous statures and murals, and some prints and paintings soon after that (and a full references & credits list) -- stay tuned!

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Blogger Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

This is my favorite Exposition of all time. The artistic elements and venue stir the imagination. I've previously posted some of the Expo contents and was just getting ready to post more, but I'll hold off. I look forward to see the Expo from your point of view.

Really like your 'blog (though I must admit that sometimes I wish your images had a little more resolution).

20 September, 2009 15:44  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh believe me, so do i! i can only use what i can find. and sometimes i decide that the image is worthwhile despite such drawbacks.

well, now i have to come over and check you the ones you've selected so far. since it was when it was, and was international, i wouldn't be surprised if half or more of the names i've mentioned had something to do with that fair!

and thanks!

20 September, 2009 16:24  
Blogger Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

It seems I got your attention by the comments you've sprinkled here and there. Thanks, I love comments.

20 September, 2009 20:31  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

me too ;^)

20 September, 2009 21:22  

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