japonisme: A Crown of Autumn Leaves

23 September 2011

A Crown of Autumn Leaves

Our voices press

from us
and twine
around the year's
fermenting wine

Yellow fall roars
Over the ground.
Loud, in the leafy sun that pours
Liquid through doors,
Yellow, the leaves twist down

as the winding
of the vine
pulls our curling

Glowing in wind and change,
The orange leaf tells

How one more season will alter and range,
Working the strange
Colors of clamor and bells

In the winding
of the vine
our voices press out
from us
to twine

When autumn gathers, the tree
That the leaves sang
Reddens dark slowly, then,
suddenly free,

Turns like a key,
Opening air where they hang

and the winding
of the vine
makes our voices
turn and wind
with the year’s
fermented wine

One of the hanging leaves,
Deeply maroon,
Tightens its final hold, receives,
Finally weaves
Through, and is covered soon
in the winding
of the vine—

Holding past summer's hold,
Open and strong,
One of the leaves in the crown is gold,
Set in the cold
Where the old seasons belong.

Here is my crown
Of winding vine,
Of leaves that dropped,
That fingers twined,
another crown
to yield and shine
with a year’s
fermented wine.

Annie Finch

For Mabon (fall equinox), Sept. 21
copyright Annie Finch 2011

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Anonymous Ken said...

Welcome back - in a blaze of Autumn glory. May your recuperation be swift.

An Australian friend.

23 September, 2011 17:01  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, ken

23 September, 2011 17:59  
Blogger JGV said...

What a great post to start off this Autumn season!

24 September, 2011 05:58  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, jgv! doesn't it make you just want to go stand in a field of aspens?

24 September, 2011 06:27  
Anonymous evan said...

ah...I get to be the downer. Don't like fall, or winter. Seems as kid, seasons didn't matter so much, each had mostly its pros. But now in my, ahem, middle years, fall reminds me of my age & winter just makes me SAD.
Though...there is a personal plus for me...in fall & winter, what was hidden by leaves is revealed- and hawks that were hidden become visible. I like seeing the hawks. I somehow doubt that hawks (unlike myself), perch & feel depressed about their middle-age.
The art is beautiful (as was the poem) & reminds me- I hardly ever use yellow...maybe a self-challenge, now that fall is here.

24 September, 2011 14:10  
Blogger namastenancy said...

It's the fall equinox and I can't think of a better way to start the season than by enjoying the bounty that you have posted here. As your Australian friend posted - may your recuperation be swift and may you fully enjoy the glories of fall.

24 September, 2011 20:46  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, sweet nancy.

i haven't seen these listed elsewhere (i'll look again), but there are a number of very subtle things i notice now, and some i noticed 10 years ago. blame it on blood flow.

• my thinking seems so far less labored.
• a lot of bodily pains seem to have eased up.
• so far, leg cramps have stopped.
• plus all the other stuff, climbing stairs, etc.

10 years ago, i was aware that after the stents were installed, my nails, and eyebrows and eyelashes started growing where they had not done so in a while.

25 September, 2011 10:53  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

well what do you know! the cessation of leg cramps has been reported, but i'm not finding the other things, though it may be my search is faulty.

25 September, 2011 11:05  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

evan -- oddly, i only just now found your email, but it leaves me with lots of thoughts.

see, my birthday is sept 30th, and plus i always loved school, i guess, so for me autumn has this extra crispness just like the blue of the sky does.

interestingly, i went to my favorite issa haiku page, and those autumn poems that were not about rain or wind were about exactly what you mention.

25 September, 2011 11:14  

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