japonisme: hokusai and riviere

02 October 2006

hokusai and riviere

henri riviere's "les trente-six vues de la tour eiffel" is in exhibition at the new otani art museum in tokyo until Oct. 22.

inspired directly by hokusai's 'thirty-six views of mt. fuji" (printed in 1827 and referenced below as well), the series took twenty years for riviere to complete, in 1902. (another of his prints is here)

to see riviere's complete set of the 36 prints, a beautiful little book, check here, where you will find background on the artist as well.

And here is the background and information for the exhibition.

hiroshige also produced a series called "thirty-six views of mt. fuji" in 1858.

found it! i couldn't find a page with hokusai's complete set, but i'll add it later if i find one. anyone else know of one? please let me know--and thanks!

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