japonisme: the dream v. the illusion

27 November 2006

the dream v. the illusion

but don't you just find it fascinating that westerners seemed to think that by wearing japanese clothing, it would bring them closer to enlightenment, while the japanese thought that wearing western clothing would do the same thing
for them.

(william merritt chase)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactement, et c'est toujours pareil aujourd'hui :
les Japonais disent qu'il vaut mieux dormir sur des lits occidentaux (plus doux pour le dos), tandis que les Occidentaux disent qu'il vaut mieux dormir sur des "futon"(plus ferme)!!

27 November, 2006 15:01  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

c'est si hilare !

27 November, 2006 15:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

:-) :-)

28 November, 2006 15:41  

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