japonisme: blue heads

23 January 2007

blue heads

who is this bird, or these birds?

it seems unlikely that there are two completely different birds both with blue heads, red breasts, and black throats.

but... the ones on the berries have longer, thinner beaks. the ones on the cherries have a white eye-stripe and an orange tail.

the ones on the berries have no eye-stripe and a black tail which appears to be shorter.

is it a case of artistic licence?

(the two top ones on the left are by ohara koson and i couldn't retrace that third one; on the right, the top and middle are sozan ito, and the bottom one is biho hirose )

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Blogger Nathako said...

I don't know who they are...
But they are beautiful!

23 January, 2007 14:58  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

aren't they?!!

23 January, 2007 16:22  
Anonymous lynne said...


the small birds are called Mésanges. like a finch.

09 May, 2008 23:34  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you lynne! they look a lot like our chickadees.

11 May, 2008 12:26  

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