japonisme: perseus and the children

19 January 2007

perseus and the children

several days ago i talked about ethel mars and maud hunt squire. i wasn't able to find many images by them, but pk at bibliodyssey has unburied some treasures.

the couple illustrated children's books together, and pk has offered up four: 'Children of Our Town,' 'The Adventures of Ulysses,' 'The Heroes,' and 'A Child's Garden of Verse.'

i am filled with astonishment at the obvious traces of the japanese influence in these seemingly unrelated images; not a fan, kimono, or painted screen to be found.

but the wonderful line is there, along with the asymmetry, the use of large foreground framing images, even the way the water is drawn.

check 'em out. & thanks, pk.

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Blogger Clarissa said...

I had never noticed that connection before, but wow, you're right. (And also: wow, my taste has been consistent since childhood, I just didn't know it. ;) )

25 April, 2007 23:34  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

hi clarissa--thanks for your visit--yeah--i know--isn't it amazing? i feel the same way about my own consistant tastes.

and i'm still learning :^)

26 April, 2007 07:08  

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