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20 February 2007

•pattern • design • color •

Japonisme might have had a limited effect except that it attracted the serious attention of superior artists and critics, including Théophile and Judith Gautier, Edmonde and Jules de Goncourt, José-Maria de Heredia, and Henri de Regnier.

Through them, ukiyo-e permanently altered European conventions of color, perspective, empty space, symmetry, form, composition, and subject matter.

In parti- cular, these artists came to under- stand the appeal of irregularity and to appreciate the Japanese sensibility for the evanescence of nature.

Japanese influence had a major role in inspiring the Impres- sionist movement in France, which caused perhaps the most profound change in the aesthetic of modern Europe.

Japan Invents the Future

by Daniel Pipes
March-April 1992

(top left: jean-philippe worth; hearn title page: emil orlik; third from top left: also worth; bottom left: candace wheeler. the rest are unknown, but i could do some research if anyone wants.)

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