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13 March 2007

that line

Lucien Achille Mauzan dropped his first name somewhere along the line and went by Achille. He was considered a master of zany caricature and shocking juxtapositions.

Strongly influenced by Cappiello, he obviously agreed with the latter's statement that "Surprise is the foundation of advertising; it is its necessary condition."

Mauzan was born on the French Riviera, but moved to Italy in 1905.

He made several important posters for the Italian film industry in Turin, and then went to work at Ricordi from 1912 to 1917.

He is known for his posters of the war, and afterwards he worked for the Maga agency in Milan, and then established his own company. He also taught, thereby establishing poster artists influenced by him!

Many of his greatest works were created in Argentina where he worked from 1926 to 1932. In all, Mauzan published over 2000 posters. They're not all available, but quite a few are. Little online talks about the man himself, but he at least is not lost to obscurity.

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Blogger Diane Dehler said...

You have such a superior blog, lotusgreen that I wonder if you have published any books or articles?

Are you an academic or artist? I am most intrigued about the source of your prolific knowledge.

13 March, 2007 23:22  
Blogger Florence Forrest said...

These posters are amazing. so ripe!


14 March, 2007 07:34  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks florence and princess. ripe is such a good word for them!

princess--when you've been interested in the same topic for nearly 40 years, collected many books, and have the time to do research every day in putting together a post, it's easy to appear prolifically knowledgable.

but i'm flattered you should think so. kind of embarassed too. :^)

14 March, 2007 13:27  
Blogger Diane Dehler said...

Well- here are two thumbs up for independent scholars. They bring a freshness and originality to their work that mainstream academics generally lack.

15 March, 2007 22:56  
Blogger keralyjac said...

I am a Mauzan collector, and am always looking ofr originals. Please contact me if you find any for sale

30 July, 2007 17:35  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

will do, but i doubt that will happen. i am never in the market myself. but i assume you check all of the internet sources for prints that now exist on a regular basis? (originals, not giclees, obviously.)

must be a really cool collection!!

30 July, 2007 17:54  

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