japonisme: déjeuner

01 April 2007


the least known area of influence in japonisme is in fine dining.

perhaps the jump from sushi to crepe is the easiest to see: one rolls delightful substances into some grain. we still say, 'merci meiji!' for that one.

the inspir- ation for con- somme from miso soup is also obvious, once you analyse. few people know that this also led to the french invention of sauces! (some still swear that this was due to teriyaki, but obviously, that is just wrong.)

the journey from tofu to cheese is but a brief one (truly, it's only their shapes that differ), but it's a fascinating study, should you ever attempt to make it.

and french wine is clearly an offshoot from saki, though some still debate this fact, attributing all french wines to their california origins.

clearly everyone's favorite here is the leap from bean roll to pastry; sweets are still sweets in any language.

and, as they say in japan--'bon appétit!'



Blogger Gabi Greve said...


I love your humour !
French wine and the sake connection !

As an European living in Japan since 1977, I am also on the cultural trail ...

For me, Daruma san and Haiku are the links to Japonism !

Greetngs from Japan
. World Kigo Database .

My Home Gallery
. Happy Haiku Gallery .

My Daruma Museum
. DARUMA Museum, Japan .


01 April, 2007 20:00  
Anonymous Clandestina said...

Eyhh interesant paralel that you made here!

03 April, 2007 09:55  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

silly me

for any culture reading this who doesn't know about april 1 in this culture, it means it's a special day to make practical jokes!

03 April, 2007 11:49  
Anonymous Clandestina said...

LotusGreen ---> eh eh yeah, I understood the joke ;)

03 April, 2007 11:55  
Blogger Princess Haiku said...

What next?

05 April, 2007 22:27  
Blogger Princess Haiku said...

These links are fabulous and I'm bookmarking them. By the way I mean "what next" in terms of "cuisine merge" and it's also past my dinner hour. Just wondered what might be on the cultural menu.

Sorry to be spacey tonight. I have a bad cold and my mind is like a butterfly in all directions.

05 April, 2007 22:32  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

well, i just wish we had, what is it? cuban chinese?, that's all over new york....

08 April, 2007 13:27  

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