japonisme: secrets

01 June 2007


lots of odds and ends today....

this show is excellent.



Blogger Princess Haiku said...

What a cool post. Haven't seen anybody put up a PBS schedule before for an interesting program.

Are you going to the Asian Art Museum for the Supernatural Yoshitoshi collection? I'm going tomorrow and will blog about it on Sunday.

01 June, 2007 23:31  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

looks like i haven't made it to the asian for the show!

that pbs program, on again on sunday here in the bay area, apparently, filled in so much about the kind of things we talk about here all the time.

fascinating, and produced in such a way to impart tremendous amounts of information without it ever seeming too complex or incomprehensible.

02 June, 2007 02:19  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

anyone else see this?

06 June, 2007 22:20  

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