japonisme: have a good one tonight, folks

31 December 2007

have a good one tonight, folks

(Sheet music version)


I wonder why does ev'rybody look at me
And then begin to talk about a Christmas tree?
I hope that means that ev'ryone is glad to see
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
The gentlemen, they want to make me say, "Si, si,"
But I don't tell them that, I tell them, "Yes, sir-ee!"
And maybe that is why they come for dates to me,
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
Some people say I dress too gay,
But ev'ry day, I feel so gay;
And when I'm gay, I dress that way,
Is something wrong with that?
Americanos tell me that my hat is high,
Because I will not take it off to kiss a guy;
But if I ever start to take it off, ay, ay!
I do that once for Johnny Smith
And he is very happy with
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.


You hear a lot of people shouting, "There she goes!"
You see a seсorita dressed in flashy clothes,
In Rio de Janeiro, ev'rybody knows
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
When she begins to sing a song in Portuguese,
The temp'rature goes up a hundred more degrees;
Although they're freezing prices, they would never freeze
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
It isn't any wonder that
She likes her native habitat,
'Cause when she has to pick a hat,
She picks it off the trees.
She always has a half a dozen Romeos,
And when they come to sing a serenade, she throws
A lemon or banana like you throw a rose,
But Casanovas still prefer
That hep and happy character,
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.

Lyric by Leo Robin
Music by Harry Warren

(one thing i found most interesting is that the only real equivilent to western hats i could find in the japanese prints were on the men playing women in kabuki, and not on women themselves.)

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Blogger Diane Dehler said...

I just love this vibrant juxtaposition of colorful cultures and eras. Beautifully done.

02 January, 2008 17:42  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

how nicely put, princess! thank you!

03 January, 2008 12:45  
Blogger rochambeau said...

Love the lady in the Tutti Fruity Chapeaux!!

14 January, 2008 11:27  

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