japonisme: does man have kuniyoshi nature?

13 May 2009

does man have kuniyoshi nature?

This cold winter night,
that old wooden-head buddha
would make a nice fire


man's basic nature is sinful and has the tendency to continue to sin. Thus although man may act righteously at times, on his own, or may love unconditionally, ultimately he is bounded by and infected with his sin nature which results in disobedience to God's standard.

On Buddha's birthday
a spotted fawn is born –
just like that

basho 2

A special tradition
outside the scriptures,
No dependence on words,
A direct pointing at man,
Seeing into one's own nature and the attainment of wisdom.3

At a roadside shrine,
before the stony buddha
a firefly burns

buson 4

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Anonymous evan said...

ah, yes, our sinful natures. Who dares get into a discussion on this topic? If we were made in God's image...the "fortunate fall" (without sin there's no redemtion...etc etc...& without our animal nature, what would Jung talk about (animus, animas...)?

14 May, 2009 08:47  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

evan, it's nice to see you. hmmm--is it a taboo subject? interesting extrapolations too. thanks.

14 May, 2009 13:38  

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