japonisme: that one, by herself

13 June 2009

that one, by herself

picture this guy naked. oh-- you'd rather not? that's understandable, and it's also, well, predictable. when are you going to see a guy naked having a picnic?

well, okay, but what about these? they're courtesans, after all. nope. you might see their private bits every now and again, but lying there nude? ain't gonna happen.

until just very recently, you will only see rosy behinds and billowy taa-taas on western women. does this demean us, exalt us, show us as stronger, or weaker? i honestly don't know.

Ueda Akinari

sakura zakura chirite kajin no yume ni iru

Cherry blossoms fall
Entering into the dreams
Of lovely women.

Tr. Blake Morgan Young 1


hitori na wa waga hoshi naran ama [no] kawa

that one by itself
is my star...
Heaven's River

This haiku refers to a popular belief that each person upon birth is assigned a corresponding star in the heavens.
"Heaven's River" refers to the Milky Way.

year unknown

hasu no ka ya hirune no ue wo fuki meguru

over my midday nap
the scent of lotuses
meanders 2

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Anonymous Evan said...

Is it Degas? Monet? that has the party in the park, picnicing & playing cards? The women are naked, of course. Why do girls insist on playing strip poker when they seem so inherently bad at it? Or are they? LOL

14 June, 2009 12:03  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

yeah--the manet one that i always think of as 'naked lunch.' that was definately in my mind putting this post together.

14 June, 2009 12:22  
Blogger Sabine said...

"Déjeuner sur l'herbe" was quite a shock to the art critics and the public when it was exhibited. When I look at it, I always think about itchy grass and ants and feeling a bit chilly.
But the lady looks comfortable enough...

15 June, 2009 03:45  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

heh! i can't look at it without getting angry.

somehow, this just reminded me of an argument i once had with my mother, who loved greece. when she mentioned virgins being sacrificed, i said something about the terror they must have felt, walking to the place they would die.

she said, things were different then.

were things ever different?

15 June, 2009 06:51  
Blogger Yoli said...

As always fascinating.

15 June, 2009 20:36  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you, dear.

15 June, 2009 22:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sacrifice of virgins (to the Great Goddess?)diappeared with the introduction of patriarcality (Zeus) by Indo-European Greeks. Sacred prostitution (="ierodoulos",same concept)at the entrance of the temples of Aphrodite lasted longer. A reminiscence of the sacrifice was to lend without any abuse little girls (arctes) to the temple of Artemis in Brauron, Attica, for a certain period. Ravissant statues of those arctes can be admired in Brauron today.

16 June, 2009 03:34  

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