japonisme: the bath, part 3

21 July 2009

the bath, part 3


Summer's ambitious project — the beach and its
dark striped rocks,
stone-lined pool at the swim club,

passage where the tide flowed out behind dunes,
left fingers and lips blue,
tea-colored pond of black sticks where kids

jumped off branches of an over-hanging tree,
 of indoor pool lanes,

the white lines' circling, breaking pattern
interrupted by arms, churns and kicks.


Yellow leaves drift down —
 fish-shaped ovals, flecking slick streets,
light October rain,

almost like swimming, the walk
through wet, late afternoon air.
In town this week, two people found goldfish

balanced in paper cups
in their mailboxes.
Teal blue wool, ten rows

to no- tice the wave reappear
in the cable I'm knitting,
dusk pattern,

you bent
over the piano in the kitchen
picking out the lost bars of Satie
(what could sound better?).

Music book left
somewhere — an attic
or with cousins by the lake.

Talvikki Ansel

(how strongly a part of all this was erik satie. how similarly our artists paint the bathers.)

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Anonymous evan said...

what I like are the differences between the drawings & the paintings- the paintings have a jewel-like quality, but they strike me as a little static, frozen. But the drawings are teeming with energy. Doesn't make one better than the other, just a curious contrast

22 July, 2009 08:08  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

that's a very interesting perspective, evan. other than the bonnard and the sketch version of the muller, i'm not even sure i can tell the difference on most of them.

22 July, 2009 11:28  

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