japonisme: 1896: a big year (the calendars)

19 March 2010

1896: a big year (the calendars)

we've talked about the publisher volland,
and how it was one house (mainly children's books and postcards)
that seized upon the new principles of japonisme
and created much beauty through it.

let us now add the name of prang to this list.
with the japonisme in his nature publications, christmas cards,
and calendars, he too became known as avant garde
as did the artists with whom he worked.

on feb 26, 2010, 20.9 inches of snow falls
from the storm in Central Park,
pushing the city's total for the month to 36.9 inches
and easily beating the previous high of 30.5 inches,
set in March 1896.

The Supreme Court, in Plessy v. Ferguson,
rules that segregation is not discriminatory
provided that African Americans
have accommodations equal to those of whites,
establishing the "separate but equal" doctrine.

the magazines die jugend and house beautiful were born,
chekov writes the seagull, and
Oscar Wilde's play Salomé premieres in Paris.

jones' operetta the geisha opens in london,
h g wells writes the time machine,
and utah becomes a state.

james m black writes When the Saints Go Marching In,
puccini writes la boheme, and
john philip sousa writes stars and stripes forever.

x-rays, and helium, and radioactivity are discovered,
and Brooks Brothers creates the button-down collar for dress shirts.

By 1896, the Postal Service is making deliveries
to certain rural and urban homes six days a week.

in 1896 cracker jax and tootsie rolls are introduced
and athens holds the first of the modern olympics.

f schuyler mathews further demonstrates
his talent and versatility
with this calendar.

and we look like this:

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Anonymous cerfapaillettes said...

great video..!

30 March, 2010 11:15  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

glad you like it! isn't it just amazing that we can sit here and watch it?

30 March, 2010 13:24  

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