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04 March 2010

Readers, please note!

blogger is doing this thing where it limits how many posts show up on a page. it's like about six posts. the big problem with this is with labels; if you click on calendars (in the sidebar), you only see six.
there are more than that just of the hoytema calendars!

so if you want to see more, i'm not sure what to tell you. they only begin in january of this year, so for the time being.... wait....
problem there is that if you click 'january 2010'
you will also get only six posts (approximately).

so i am extremely upset, and have written a bunch of posts on the blogger forum help pages. if you can think of a way to stop this, please let me know. feel free to let blogger know how you feel too.

one point: i use a 'classic template.' i do this because i want to keep my background, and because if i were to change, it would mean that i would have to go back and exit much of almost 900 posts, and gods know how many images. in other words, ain't gonna happen. but that is the only option they seem to be offering so far to get a 'older posts' added to the end of those six that you see.


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