japonisme: meher baba says:

23 August 2010

meher baba says:


Anonymous Republic Monetary said...

Where is Alfred E. Neuman when we need him now?

23 August, 2010 14:17  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

heh :^)

23 August, 2010 15:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Είσαι η πρώτη. Δ

24 August, 2010 06:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lotusgreen you are a jewel in the darkness, your talent is multifaceted and like crepuscular rays diffusing to souls on this earth with a gentleness that entices and lifts us.

06 September, 2010 11:06  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh my!

06 September, 2010 11:43  
Anonymous Sherman Unkefer said...

Classic image!

08 September, 2010 13:28  
Blogger lotusgreen said...


08 September, 2010 17:36  

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