japonisme: historical find

01 April 2011

historical find

we now have startling new evidence
that our understanding of japanese art
has been a bit off, by about 100,000,000 years!

we have always attributed china with being
the progenitor of the japanese style,
but now we see that even they are preceded
by an earlier european style.

we have it all: the darker outlines,
the asymmetrical arrangement,
the blocks of color; we even see what
will later trend to hokusai's manja.

most surprising, though, has to be
the amazing foresight of the artist
in anticipating 'nude descending a staircase.'



Blogger Nancy Ewart said...

Very clever but also very delightful. Who knows, we think this is an April Fool's joke but it might be right. Anyway, I believe that all artists are linked symbolically, across time, space and culture.

02 April, 2011 10:58  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks nancy--what a wonderful and thought-provoking comment. it's something i think about a lot.

02 April, 2011 12:14  

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