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22 April 2007

from hiroshige commest all things

the more i study the visual arts of this period the more i am astonished i am at the breadth of influence of hiroshige (whose work was, perhaps, the first stuff available).

the latest thing i've found, here, are some of dulac's illustrations for hawthorn's tanglewood tales. (though i'll admit that i think i could eventually find them all if every hiroshige print were online.)

we saw czeschka's inspired interpretation of hiroshige's eagle, and now we see dulac's bow as well.

we also saw czeschka's modelling of a boat after hiroshige's method of portraying them, and here we have dulac's too.

aha! i have identified one of the images in the background of one of the pere tanguy portraits. i will assume that van gogh did with these what he did with the others -- he traced the prints themselves, then made a grid and transferred them this way. just below that is the same kiesai eisen image we saw here.

and of course, hiroshige did the original.

just as a side note: i guess that another way to do it is the way miro did with his friend ricart: he pasted it on! (have yet to identify that one, though.)

(p.s. doesn't that 'eye' on this boat resemble the one on dulac's boat?)

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Anonymous Clandestina said...

I really love the four first ones :) Really beautiful, in particular the dulac's illustration.

23 April, 2007 04:28  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks clandestina! i love dulac and had never seen these!

23 April, 2007 07:53  

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