japonisme: yellow bird

18 February 2008

yellow bird


Yellow bird,
Up high in banana tree,
Yellow bird,
You sit all alone like me

Did your lady friend,
Leave the nest again?
That is very sad,
Makes me feel so bad,
You can fly away,

In the sky away,
You're more lucky than me.

I also had a pretty girl,
She's not with me today,
The're all the same, the pretty girls,
Take tenderness,
then they fly away.

Yellow bird

Up high in banana tree,

Yellow bird

You sit all alone like me.

Let her fly away,
In the sky away,
Picker coming soon,
Pick from night to noon,
Black and Yellow you,
Like banana too,
They might pick you someday.

Wish that I were a yellow bird,
I'd fly away with you,
But I am not a yellow bird,
So here I sit,
Nothing else to do.

Yellow Bird...

Yellow Bird...

Yellow Bird...

Yellow Bird...

Written by: Bergman/Bergman/Luboff

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Blogger iamfelix said...

Lovely pics, as always!

19 February, 2008 22:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's so cute !!!

20 February, 2008 07:48  
Blogger Dominic Bugatto said...

I'm always impressed by the subjects and visual threads you explore.

Thanks for sharing.

21 February, 2008 19:32  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you iam and dom and butterfly! it was fun to do so i'm so glad you liked it. once i started playing that video i couldn't stop, though. it's addictive--i played it over and over and over.....

21 February, 2008 20:39  

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