japonisme: all that jazz

24 April 2009

all that jazz


Have you seen the well-to-do
Up and down Park Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare
With their noses in the air

High hats and narrow collars
White spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime
For a wonderful time

Now, if you're blue
And you don't know
where to go to
Why don't you go
where fashion sits

Puttin' on the Ritz
Different types who wear a daycoat
Pants with stripes and cutaway coat
Perfect fits
Puttin' on the Ritz

Dressed up like a million dollar trooper
Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper

Come, let's mix where Rockefellers
Walk with sticks or "umberellas"
In their mitts
Puttin' on the Ritz

Tips his hat just like an English chappie
To a lady with a wealthy pappy
Very snappy

You'll declare it's simply topping
To be there and hear them swapping
Smart tidbits

Puttin' on the Ritz

1929 Irving Berlin

all this by way of saying congratulations and warm wishes to john textile blog hopper for his new carpet index blog!

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Blogger John hopper said...

Well thanks very much for that!

Although The Carpet Index is under the umbrella of The Textile Blog, it is in fact a collaboration with Jean Manuel de Naronha who is a carpet expert and has worked in the industry for a number of years in Paris. The postings are a joint effort, with his technical knowledge and my writing and editorial skills.

The blog is a first step, as there will soon follow a regular magazine with a different carpet designer focus each month.

I'm excited by the prospect and look forward to seeing where we go with it, though The Textile Blog will continue.

I must thank you again for the mention - what a star!

25 April, 2009 03:07  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

that sounds fascinating, john. so many artists have been understudied or lost, so what you're doing is very important!

25 April, 2009 07:24  

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