japonisme: beware the email of april

22 April 2009

beware the email of april

hotmail was hijacked today. oddly, it's apparently not the first time because as i poke around the net looking for info i find identical reports from other months. i ask you--does microsoft not have the sense to fix this? it happened to many other people today too.

what happened was that every single contact i had listed in that email account got mailed a piece of spam touting cheap electronics equiptment. the emails looked exactly like they were from me.

on top of this, hot- mail has only allowed me to alert 1/3 of my list of what happened, saying i had exceeded my daily outgoing limit!

all this to let you know that if you got some very strange mail that looked like it was from me.... it wasn't.

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Blogger Yoli said...

I am so sorry about your email situation. These images are beautiful. I have been enjoying your blog.

23 April, 2009 10:08  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you so much, yoli. i finally got through and notified everyone, and (fingers crossed) so far so good....

23 April, 2009 12:28  
Blogger John hopper said...

Hmmm, not come across that problem yet, scary though. I find I have to change email addresses fairly regularly as junk mail always seems to find me and then start cluttering up my account with stuff. I don't know how many times I've been told that I've won millions in the Euro Lottery!

23 April, 2009 13:53  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

john--i'm so envious! i have never won the euro lottery! but i have the largest penis in three continents.

23 April, 2009 15:09  
Blogger Sabine said...

Hihi, :-)
We work on Apple computers, and I was told they are less sensitive to viruses and all that... and using a filter for spam helps. But I'm afraid the www is just like the real world, you meet a lot of real nice people, but you need to be careful who to trust sometimes.

24 April, 2009 14:08  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

well of course i have a mac!!! :^)

this wasn't any kind of virus that hit my machine, thank goodness. it somehow got into hotmail (and has hit yahoo too, i'm told). and that it happened so broadly i don't guess it's anyone i know, either.

but you're right-- one likes to forget it's also the "real world" -- and thank you, sabine.

24 April, 2009 16:38  

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