japonisme: blue skies

15 June 2009

blue skies


Original light broke apart,
the Gnostics say,
when time began,

singular radiance
fractioned into form
— an easy theory

to believe,
in early summer,
when that first performance

seems repeated daily.
Though wouldn’t it mean
each fracturing took us

that much further
from heaven?
Not in this town,

not in June: harbor
and cloudbank, white houses’
endlessly broken planes,

a long argument
of lilac shadows and whites
as blue as noon:

phrasebooks of day,
articulated most of all
in these roses,

which mount and swell
in dynasties of bloom,
their easy idiom

a soundless compaction
of lip on lip. Their work,
these thick flowerheads?

Built to contain
sunlight, they interrupt
that movement just enough

to transfix in air, at eye level,
now: held still, and shattering,
which is the way with light:

the more you break it
the nearer it comes to whole.

Mark Doty

copyright mark doty
all rights reserved

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Blogger Yoli said...

I like your blue period lotus!

16 June, 2009 06:43  
Blogger lotusgreen said...


16 June, 2009 11:29  
Blogger John hopper said...

Dufy, the Ballets Russes AND Voysey! Are you trying to kill me with breathtakingly gorgeousness design today!?!

16 June, 2009 14:38  
Blogger lotusgreen said...


well, perhaps it will please you to know that i can never now think of voysey without thinking of you

16 June, 2009 16:55  
Blogger John hopper said...

Well, true to form, my blog today will be about CFA Voysey, just for a change!

17 June, 2009 08:49  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i'm on my way!

17 June, 2009 11:14  

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