japonisme: a sad little piece

24 April 2010

a sad little piece

so i came across this lovely set by franz karl devilla in a book. since i have a less-than-stellar scanner that i finally got off craigslist, and i'm not all that stellar at scanning myself, i went off to see if it existed online. and lo and behold -- someone seems to be scanning in that
very book (for a class, i think).



a little goat was bought by the little father.
then came the little fox and ate the little goat,

then came the little dog and bit the little fox,
then came the little stick and beat the little dog,

then came the little ox and drank the little water,
then came the little butcher and slaughtered the little ox,

then came the little fire and burnt the little stick,
then came the little water and put out the little fire.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Traurig aber schoen, wie das Lied "Alla Fiera dell'Est", Angelo Branduardi (1976). Noch eine Ueberraschung von dir! d

24 April, 2010 14:54  
Blogger Matt said...

Dies Buch enthaelt handgedruckte Holz Schnitte von Franz Delavilla, Wien 1906

"This book contains handprinted woodcuts from Franz Delavilla. Vienna, 1906."

It's the title page with author & publ. info.

24 April, 2010 14:58  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

combien langs parle tu??! toute, je croix!

et,comme toujour, tu aussi arrive avec une cadieux.

24 April, 2010 15:27  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

merci, M! une autre cadieux!

24 April, 2010 15:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pas toutes, rassure-toi. Ton site est un carrefour de plaisirs. d

24 April, 2010 15:54  
Blogger Yoli said...


24 April, 2010 20:39  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks, yoli-- and not a parrot in sight! ;^)

24 April, 2010 21:59  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

d-- quelle merveilleuse turn of phrase!

24 April, 2010 22:01  
Anonymous evan said...

just going to flog an old idea as a question/observation- What is it that determines what appeals to us aesthetically? I'm a child of the 60's & &0's, yet the art I find most appealing seems to be secessionist & symbolist art from the turn of the century...these days more toward the graphic/illustrative arts (like this stuff). To me, semi-absurd as the story is (though it's kind of "There was an old woman who swallowed a fly..."-ish), the art has an simplicity & elegance lost these days under layers of digital manipulations.

25 April, 2010 10:05  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

yeah--we'vetalked about this before. i don't know why it's this moment in time that also grabs me, and always has.

thank god, on my part, anyway, for the 60s revival of art nouveau, which to me was introduced by a pack of decorated matchboxes in a little gift store -- with pictures by beardsley on them!

what was i just thinking the other day about that thinking about 'art nowadays'? hmmmm... maybe it was that part of the appeal is the medium itself-- the look of a colored woodcut still gets to me, though the intentions of the artists are no longer in that brand new space of experimenting with what has been learned from the japanese.

there's more, i know, but i can't remember right now. i'll get back to you when i remember it.

25 April, 2010 11:23  
Blogger Mr. Cypher said...

It's a Hebrew song; we sign it on passover. None of us like it very much, although this version excludes the bit about punishing a child.

28 April, 2010 06:49  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

you're kidding! i never came across it at any seder i ever went to. though it certainly has that 'it would havebeen enough" sort of pattern, so i can see it being sung in that context.

but what's its point?

thanks lawrence!

28 April, 2010 08:19  

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