japonisme: light, reborn • (the calendars)

04 April 2010

light, reborn • (the calendars)

Maxfield Parrish:
the real painter of light

find it for yourself!

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Anonymous evan said...

I really like these images, probably because when you think Parrish, you think pillars, flowers, nudes & blue blue (Parrish) blue skies. These are like rebellious little gems that remind you that in his time, Parrish ruled.

04 April, 2010 12:53  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i couldn't agree more, evan. what i just learned was that the images that we all know and loved before we overdosed on them didn't even start for about another 10 years.

from 1918 through 1935 (at least), parrish did, yes, calendars! for general electric-- even store displays for lightbulbs! these calendars are the images we're more familiar with.

which came first, parrish *light* or general electric??!

04 April, 2010 14:30  

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