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05 April 2010

the inventive arts • (the calendars)


Monks of the Years
for Zodiacal Ears

Actuary, Fritillary, Mush
Mandrill, Mace, Jejune,
Jelly, Aghast, Septic Ember,
Oak Toner, Remember, Distemper

Device to
Mesmerize the Monks

30 days hath septic ember
mandrill jejeune and remember
all the rest have 31 dyes
of different color:

Actuary: puce
Mush: buff
Mace: rose
Jelly: lime
Aghast: jade
Oak Toner: rust
Distemper: slush

except Fritillary which howls
28 cold tones of dust.

Colette Inez

“Mya Calendar” from
Getting Under Way:
New and Selected Poems
by Colette Inez
(Story Line Press, 1993)

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Blogger Blue said...

I love your blog. I am reposting on Tumblr.

08 March, 2011 07:54  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i'm glad you like it -- thanks

08 March, 2011 11:44  

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