japonisme: the hum of bees

02 April 2011

the hum of bees

sasuga hana chiru ni miren wa nakari keri

when cherry blossoms
no regrets

Issa begins the haiku with the word sasuga: "truly" or "as one might have expected." Here, the first meaning seems to fit. He proposes that, "truly," the cherry blossoms fall to death without regret.

This undated haiku resembles one that Issa wrote in 1821:

miren naku chiru mo sakura wa sakura kana

without regret
they fall and scatter...
cherry blossoms

In a related haiku (1809), he urges the blossoms to trust in Amida Buddha's
saving grace:

tada tanome hana wa hara-hara ano tôri

simply trust!
cherry blossoms flitting

"Blossoms" (hana) can denote cherry blossoms
in the shorthand of haiku.

my yoshino cherry tree outside my bedroom window goes so quickly from blossoms to leaves. when it's newly fully flowered it fills so with bees that the sound of them comes in through my bedroom window, and fills the garden. and as quickly gone, on to other pollen, other trees.

a movie i just saw a bit of, cherry blossoms, says that the cherry blossom festivals, gathered in groups under the landscapes of yoshino cherry trees, are the perfect reminder to all of us of impermanence.

at 60,
it's something one has learned a bit of;
i wonder how much i will have learned
when i am 80.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...or 100.
So quietly beautiful, all of it.d

03 April, 2011 11:00  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

is is words or wine you give me?

03 April, 2011 11:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wish and a wow. dw

03 April, 2011 12:01  
Anonymous evan said...

Had hair, now it's gone. hair that I had was blond in the summer, brown when it was cold, now I guard against the top of my head getting sun-burned. Left knee is bone no more, but plastic & metal. My six-pack is half empty. I have 20/20 vision for distance, but need reading glasses- a touch stronger at night 'cause my eyes get tired. Like a silly old fool, I still like pretty girls, but they don't even see me. The greatest gift of time has been the recognition of my personal myths & foolishness, & that it's been a while since I've done anything truly stupid. Of course, in the spirit of impermanence, there's always tomorrow.

beautiful imagery...waiting for the blossoms that line the street in the neighborhood near mine to come into full blossom- should be another day or two.

03 April, 2011 12:39  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

everyone likes pretty girls

03 April, 2011 13:41  
Blogger lotusgreen said...


what is your wish?

03 April, 2011 15:40  
Blogger Poesis said...

Just beautiful...

04 April, 2011 17:54  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks, that means a lot coming from you, cause you have such beautiful taste. :^)

04 April, 2011 20:31  
Blogger Nancy Reyes said...


19 April, 2011 03:51  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you boinky, and welcome.

19 April, 2011 08:13  

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