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05 June 2012

endless wonders

today (or very soon) i'll add an
"endless wonders" column in the
sidebar. (speaks for itself, no?)

these are from a source that has
outdone my best efforts,
& i couldn't be happier.

i once said that this blog was the
only place on the internet where
one might find the complete
calendars of theo v. hoytema.
i now am wrong.

at the Wolfsonian, late publishers
of the astonishing journal DAPA,
have done something wonderful
to their website collections:
they've made them very accessible.

i've left out the months we've already passed in this first calendar,
but with a reminder that you can find the whole thing
at the wolf's site,
not to mention that there are a number of other calendars for 1928
(of which 2012 is a repeat): just enter -- calendar 1928 --
as your search terms.

yes, there's a lot more
(-- calendar hoytema -- gets you that entire set),
and other treasures that take you beyond the calendar world...
and there are other sites of endless wonders....
to be explored....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful site. I love it all, the text, comments and as for the pictures - they all take my breath away with their colour and beauty.

Many, many thanks.


08 June, 2012 04:13  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you lyn -- i'm glad you like it. i keep finding new wonders there! maybe they're endless! ;^)

thanks for the note.

08 June, 2012 08:00  
Anonymous Evan said...

the colorful stuff is wonderful...but I like the fishes & the subdued color scheme...the colorful stuff is Hoytema? Wow...I'm familiar with his birds (thanks to this site, which led me to look around) calendars...all browns & yellows...so the colorful stuff's a surprise.

09 June, 2012 13:15  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

no... i've already put up most of the hoytema calendars, so i didn't want to put up any of those, and he didn't have one that would fit 2012 anyway. any image in any of my posts, if you linger your cursor over it, you will see the artist's name in the bottom bar of your window, and if you click any image, you'll also see the name on the top bar of the window!

11 June, 2012 16:20  
Anonymous Evan said...

tried the lingering cursor thing...no names:

http://4.blogspot.com/- followed by a long string of letters & numbers

I'm using IE...maybe a different browser?

ps. Not sure if I should thank you or curse you for the Wolfsonian link...I've already spent hours browsing there ;)

12 June, 2012 10:24  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh i'm terribly sorry ;^)

when the ID is on the bottom of the window, the name is at the far right of the line that begins with the 4.blogspot stuff.

when it's at the top of the window, you just have the name.

this is true of every image on the internet, too!

12 June, 2012 10:52  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

well... the information you will see there is what the person uploading the image called the image. if the artist's name is there, that's what you'll see, or if not, not.

12 June, 2012 10:54  

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