japonisme: and they all have one thing in common...

07 May 2007

and they all have one thing in common...

but of course many of the sheet music covers owed a tremen- dous amount to japonisme with regards to style, not merely the ones with asian themes. we've got wiener werkstatte yiddisher boys and violin-playing clowns.

speaking of wiener werk- statte, we've also got a hymn to hawaii and some- thing involving vampires and tipperary.

there were the copycats.

and there were the real copycats. interestingly, it was gene buck who did the blue wilhelmina. buck was president of ascap for many years, and as well as his proli- fic illus- tra- tion work, he also wrote, or directed, or acted in plays, wrote the music too. i could find nothing else that copied anything else.

gene buck also did work that was just flat-out beautiful, as did many other artists, sung and... uh... unsung.

and then there are the ones that make you scratch your head and double-check the date: sapho (sic) (and she looks a little like me to me!) and, well, positively psychedelic!

some are just down- right, well, con- fused. (um... those are irises, not lilies) and.... (that's mt fuji, mate. you won't find that in hawaii).

and the ones you're just happy to find.

(by the way, i looked up lauterbach and it really does look a lot like this. but WAY LESS JAPANESE!)

with the diagonal structure, the dark outline, the all-over patterns, the blocks of color, the simplification of detail and line, and the appearence of being woodblocked rather than painted, these sheet music examples become prime illustrations of japonisme.

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Blogger jgodsey said...

you always post the purtyiest stuff....

08 May, 2007 20:42  
Blogger lotusgreen said...


i found an image today that really reminded me of you, despite the fact that i've never seen you! i'll have to email it to you.

and thanks......

08 May, 2007 20:55  
Blogger Sabine said...

This is all so beautiful!
I want to visit this blog every day from on.

11 May, 2007 05:32  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

sabine! thank you! and welcome!

12 May, 2007 12:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say Buck and Berthon were both copycats. I have an unsigned version of this image of Queen Wilhelmina with a couple of fantastic details neither Buck or Berthon duplicated. I have been researching for over 15 years and I have not been able to find another exactly like mine. I have found plates with this similar image that are dated as much as 6 years prior to Buck's version on the sheet music. I am still in search of the main source artist. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the help.

25 October, 2013 17:47  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

Very interesting! I've seen a lot of different versions of the Berthon, but they mainly vary in color and detail.

25 October, 2013 19:45  

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