japonisme: rock-a-bye baby, the cat's in the cupboard!

25 April 2007

rock-a-bye baby, the cat's in the cupboard!

an interesting contrast, from the same era, illustrations for two of the same nursery rhymes as in the previous post. they both are clearly influenced by the japanese, but so differently.

the artist is ww denslow, best known for all of his work with l frank baum, of the oz books.

we'll see more from him in future days.

i thought this was cool.

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Blogger Riley said...

Oh man, I really hit the jackpot with your blog. I didn't really expect anyone to stumble across mine, so everything is rough drafts... I think I'll have to read what you've got here a bit to help me develop some of my thoughts. This is a really exciting find.

26 April, 2007 08:44  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i thought you might be interested--thanks for the visit!

26 April, 2007 10:46  
Blogger Drazen said...

what are the last images from?

08 May, 2007 08:15  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh dear--now i feel like an idiot.... i had his name wrong! i apologise.

it's denslow, not densmore. something went screwy between the eye and the hands...

the whole book is here, inscuding all the illustrations.

08 May, 2007 09:52  
Blogger pk said...

I'm thinking that the book with the cat/child image is also at one of the German university kids book databases. I photoshopped that image ages ago (not at the time knowing it was by Denslow) to put 'Metafilter' on the door. It's quite a psychological departure from the mild scenes in Oz.

11 August, 2007 22:25  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

pk--it very likely is--i mean, if it's on gutenberg it could be anywhere, eh?

here's the poem for the cat illustration.

with regards to the mildness question, i seem to recall that all those monkeys were pretty scary! now, admittedly i only saw the movie....

12 August, 2007 12:27  

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