japonisme: come spring

21 March 2008

come spring


The first warm days of spring, give them to me,
a tepid rain, crocus poking through last year's leaves.

Give me the heart of it, pale yellow, sky blue,
trees bare but for the hard buds, the few birds.

To hear the screen door
slam again.
To shoo the flies
from the house,
the spoiled fruit.

I'll take all of it,
Mother of Summer,
the smell
of manure shoveled
over the potatoes,
diesel fumes

from the refuse truck,
scent of creek bottom,
cracked open
effusion of rotting eggs.

Even sinus infections
and rusty rake tines
sunk in rank earth
near the shed,
mushroom spores,

the asthmatic crank of winter-bound bikes,
cold sores,
loose ends.
Even the crows,

their dull black cloaks
for the shiny wings
of iridescent spring.
Let them ride
the rippled air

over the barren Sunday parking lots,
the farther fields,
where the weeds will grow thorny,
wild and tall.

Dorianne Laux
copyright 2008

(today is exactly forty years to the day since i moved to california. it's my anniversary. and because she has put a spell on me so that i cannot see a rabbit without thinking of her, this is for karla.)

Happiest Vernal Equinox to Each of You.

Thank you for visiting this blog.

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Blogger Roxana Ghita said...

Oh this is so lovely! Thank YOU for writing this amazing blog.

21 March, 2008 16:54  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

you're such a gift, roxy.

(all together now): ROX ROCKS!


21 March, 2008 17:54  
Anonymous theorist said...

Happy Spring and happy anniversary!

21 March, 2008 17:56  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thank you dear, i'm so glad you're here.

21 March, 2008 18:11  
Blogger Karla said...

Apologies at being so late and sporadic. Ms. Spots and Orion give their full approval of the lapine theme and so many gorgeous rabbits and hares.

You got to California just before I did, maybe 2-3 months. And are still there. Well, I get back every so often.

05 October, 2008 19:39  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

it really does make me happy to know i made the bunnies happy! (and you too)

once a californian always a californian, doncha think?

06 October, 2008 12:15  

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