japonisme: the magnolia blossom

22 March 2008

the magnolia blossom



the first,

a girl child.

the rocking chair

is cold,

the porch colder,

but i could sit

here for a year,

thinking of my child,

her dwindling.

the magnolias

too are



neither live

oak nor reed

resists the

weather's breath,

but each lets go

its green,

its living part.


when it comes,

is at first wet,

becoming lush,

giving way

to the darkgreen darkness

where magnolia leaves

hover like wings,

inches off the receding earth.

then the blooms on the tree will open.

they are so clearly flesh of

our flesh.

without the prolonging bone,

so clearly transitory.

when touched --

and i touch them --

the blossoms smudge,

the flesh dying beneath my acid hands,

turning brown in the shape of fingertips.

andrew hudgins

from saints and strangers
c copyright 1985

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Blogger Diane Dehler said...

The elegance and grace of your mind is so everywhere in this post dear, Lotus.

BTW I posted some more red flowers for you

22 March, 2008 22:45  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

i am glad you are already a princess because if you were not, someone would have to make you one.

i hope you are feeling the equanimity of this moment in the year's time, sweetie.

23 March, 2008 09:28  
Blogger belvedere beads said...

it's still wretchedly cold where i live, but each day i walk the dogs into the park around the corner and check the plumpness of the magnolia buds. as they start to swell i start to relax, knowing that another winter is almost over.

27 March, 2008 06:42  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

what a lovely image, bb. yes, here the magnolias are the first too, even before the plums

27 March, 2008 09:07  

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