japonisme: second hand rose

23 June 2011

second hand rose

simultaneous with ukiyo-e, was chiyogami, printed with woodblocks, just like the prints.

one story has it that the prints were "discovered" as they were used as wrapping paper; chiyogami was created as wrapping paper!

considered as decorative rather than narrative, the collections and comments are far rarer than are those for ukiyo-e. i'll recommend some great books; if you want the whole story, it really is all over the internet.

it was used for bookbinding and toy-making as well as for wrapping gifts. when i first saw chiyogami, i felt aha! i have found the missing link.

but researching this post, at this moment in my life (of which there is always one), has opened up in me more questions than i would ever answer.

and i ask, should i always want to? the brain may wonder, and allow that to be it. does everyone have to be a scholar?

perhaps i will list some of the questions: why is all of the western design i see so orderly? do the japanese prints seem orderly to the japanese?

why do color combinations and print pairings seem so often off-kilter to my eyes; we would never wear that print with that one. see all the kimono prints. do the japanese see the west as having an odd sense of color and coordination in a look?

what about the wiener werkstatte allowed more chaos in design than other western styles of the time? why do a blog? to look things up in wikipedia or books? to parrot informative information?

why have we insisted upon answers and orderliness? have we understood anything about the japanese at all? stop thinking.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why, because of your generosity of spirit.
the images you provide give those of us, who are not as of yet to the place upon the wisdom path that you have reached, an opening onto what might take us many more years to stumble upon, thank you for each of the images you post, i always find a new image in your posts and always more wisdom to share on, thank you, for your generosity, for your sharing, please for the sake of seekers like myself, continue...
i have a passion for textiles,
and the colors in japanese textiles... the color choices, how they speak such dialogue between themselves it gives me shivers sometimes!!
the chiyogami same shivers!!
thank you!!!

24 June, 2011 13:21  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

why thank you. i wish i knew who you were. one other interesting tidbit that i forgot to include is that many of the japanese papers were done *after* the crosscultural mingling had begun, so to try to guess who saw who first is an endless spiral.

24 June, 2011 13:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and feel delighted. I make quilts and love the colors of japanese fabrics. Now i see the wonderfull colors in chiyogami too. Thak you for share.

10 July, 2011 16:36  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

thanks so much, lola! you have such a beautiful name! it's interesting to me what you see in the images.

10 July, 2011 17:01  

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